Sapling plantation from Chief Minister

२८ भाद्र २०७५, बिहीबार

Hetauda – Chief Minister of Province No. 3 Dormani Poudel and Province’s Internal Affairs and Law Minister Shalikram Jamarkattel have marked the beginning of sapling plantation in open areas of Hetauda Cement Factory meant for conservation of nature and control increased environmental pollution.

The Chief Minister, Province Minister, locals, politicians and government officials planted as high as 400 saplings of different fruits in the site of the factor at Lamsure, Hetauda Sub-metropolitan City-9 on Wednesday.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Poudel said that support of all was needed for environment conservation since lone effort of the government was not enough to this end.

Likewise, the team made an onsite visit to Bhimphedi Prison House and took stock of physical infrastructure, condition of inmates, medical treatment to the needy inmates, provision of foods and security of the prison house.

After the visit, Jamarkattel shared that the Bhimphedi Prison House is being transformed into a province jail.

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